Linhof Technika 70 Outfit. 6×7 on 120 £250.00 + P&P Sold As Seen. Please contact me if you are interested in buying this camera.

The Outfit comprises the following:
Linhof Technika 70 body.
Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8.
Schneider 53mm f4 Super Angulon.
Schneider 180mm f4 Tele Arton.
2x Linhof Super Rollex 6×7 backs.
Focusing screen and hood.
Hand grip/cable release.
The body has a few issues. The bellows have been trapped in the rear movement and look to have been taped up in the past. I expect they may not be light tight but have not seen any holes when inspected with a light. On both sides there is a lever to release the rear movements, the plastic tabs are broken but it still comes out with a wiggle. These could be removed so the back comes out and is locked in place by the four back knobs. The range finder has some fungus on the optics/mirrors. Its not bad and I have cleaned all the parts I could easily get to. The image is bright and appears to pretty accurate. Cosmetically the body is rough but appears the be mechanically sound.
All the lenses had fungus but I have cleaned and treated all the optics. However, there are marks on the coatings.
The 80mm has coating marks on the rear optic, cleaning marks on the front optics and coating marks also. The shutter is working well. The 53mm lens has some haze in the rear optics but the shutter is also working well. The 180mm lens has coating marks on the front optic and the rear and a few on the rear of the front cluster, the shutter is also working well.
The Super Rollex backs seem to be working ok, I have run dummy film in both to check the frame spacing, all seems ok. There is a black one and a brown one, the brown one is quite rough but the black one is much better, it only has the chrome pealing from the wind on lever.
The meter works on the camera and is accurate. Also, I tested the lenses on the ground glass screen and they all seem to need moving in regard to the “stops” on the lens board. I don’t know why the previous owner would move them but they seem to need moving back. The 180mm mark seems correct.

There is warranty on this camera outfit, it is priced accordingly. I have tried to describe it as accurately possible. I have probably made the lenses sound worse than they are, many people would not notice the things I pick up on



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